Photography Policy original

Recently, we have noticed many of our visitors are using the prairie and church as a backdrop for their portraits. Even though we welcome guests onsite, Frankford Historic Church and Prairie is private property. In order to maintain the integrity of our delicate prairie, it is vital that our guests and photographers abide by these rules.

Portrait sessions are not allowed without prior reservations via, see details below.

Do not step onto the prairie areas.

The prairie plants can be used as a background for photos, but cannot be the floor of your photos. Do not step, sit, walk or tread in any way in designated prairie areas. These prairie plants are delicate and historical. If they are bent or crushed while growing, they won’t make it to maturity.

  • Do not pick flowers.
  • Photography props including tents are not allowed.
  • Do not climb, sit or lean on trees, shrubs or church railings.
  • Photography in the cemetery is prohibited except for families of those buried there.
  • Candles/open flames are not allowed on the grounds.
  • Roads must be kept clear of parked vehicles at all times to allow visitors access to the cemetery; cars must stay on the paved roads.
  • Pick up after pets. Pets must be leashed at all times.
  • Alcohol is not permitted on the grounds.
  • Smoking of any kind is prohibited, including e-cigs and vaping.

The Historic Frankford Church and Prairie are closed to the public during weddings and other FPF-sponsored events. Photography is not allowed during this time, no exceptions. To ensure the success of your session, please make reservations via in advance of your preferred session time.

In exchange for use of this beautiful backdrop, Frankford Preservation Foundation, the non-profit, volunteer organization that operates and finances the Frankford Historic Prairie and Church, asks professional photographers to make a donation (suggested amount: $50.00) at

We also invite you to sign up for our newsletter for information on upcoming events, including our bi-annual, free photography seminars held onsite for both professional and amateur photographers. Sign up via email at

We truly appreciate your interest in the Frankford Historic Church and Prairie and thank you for valuing our property as the historic treasure that it is.