Frankford Preservation Foundation Legacy House

We are excited to have completed the Legacy House in 2023! Take a peek at our Progress Videos Below

Frankford Legacy Building Location Revealed

The Inside Scoop on the New Legacy Building Layout

The Nuts and Bolts of Building for a New Century

Our Vision

Frankford Preservation Foundation (“FPF”) envisioned a small multi-purpose building northeast of the old Frankford Church. This much-needed structure will help our organization serve our patrons well and achieve our goal of reaching fiscal self-sustainability.

Our Challenge

While we have a jewel of a church and living prairie, we did not have restrooms or common working space. We borrowed restrooms from our neighboring church for all events. This awkward situation prevented us from continuing to grow as a Dallas historic destination. We needed a building on site with restrooms and other facilities to accommodate our guests, volunteers, and staff.

Our Solution

In 2023 we built a 500-square-foot structure northeast of Frankford Church facing south. The new Legacy House includes two restrooms and a multi-purpose room. It is fully equipped for use as a meeting room, office, and staging area for guest musicians and brides.

Legacy Building Floor Plan

Why DId We Build the Legacy House?

Since our formation in September 2014 we have expanded our outreach from 200 to more than 900 patrons. Interest is growing in the communities we serve due to the uniqueness of our site and the excellence of our programs.

FPF reached the maximum income we could generate with our current facilities. Income from rentals and events held in Frankford Church covered 70% of our expenses.

Having the new Legacy House near the church allows us to rent the church at least four additional times per year, which can increase our annual revenue by 30% or more. We anticipate that events and rentals will increase to the point that all donations can go toward building our reserve account.

Your Role

FPF invites you to be a part of this exciting project by contributing financially to the fund for continued maintenance of the new Legacy House. Great cities need historic destinations that speak to their roots. With the convenience of the new building, we will serve our patrons well and reach fiscal sustainability through our programs and rentals, becoming the premier small historic destination in Dallas.

How You Can Give to help support the Legacy house

Join us by making gifts of cash or securities. If desired, gifts of $2,500 or more can be designated to specific aspects of the project such as landscaping or furnishings.
We also encourage you to be a part of our beloved community by volunteering and by attending our cultural and educational events. Help us grow by telling others about our beautiful Frankford.

Gift Range Chart

Legacy Builder $75,001 – $100,000
Preservationist $25,001 – $75,000
Friend of the Prairie $10,001 – $25,000
Pioneer $2,501 – $10,000
Pathfinder $500 – $2,500

Any donations received that exceed the cost of the Legacy House will be allocated to the preservation of FPF buildings and grounds.

You may support our Capital Campaign by sending a check payable to:
Frankford Preservation Foundation
5600 West Lovers Lane, Suite 116, Box 132
Dallas, TX 75209-5006