Phillip Bethea Hamer 1851-1933


In 1896 the Frankford community decided to rebuild Frankford Church using some of the wood from the first church, destroyed by a tornado in the 1880s. WC (Captain) McKamy and others hired Phillip Bethea Hamer, a noted builder from the nearby town of Renner, to supervise the project. Hamer was married to Henrietta Coit, daughter of John Taylor and Catherine Bunting Coit. In April, 1896 Henrietta Coit Hamer died in childbirth. The beautiful little Frankford Church was completed in 1897. In his grief, Phil Hamer created a sacred space that continues to warm hearts and souls all these years later.

Resource: Angela Fabry, great-great-granddaughter of John and Cattie Coit.