Christmas on the Prairie

In December, 2009 we held our first annual candlelight service in Frankford Church. We had just completed a careful restoration of the little church and in the process of the restoration discovered a rare, uncultivated remnant of the Blackland Prairie. Wishing to celebrate the Church and Prairie with our community, we opened the doors of the church for a candlelight service we called “Christmas on the Prairie.”

Please join us this year for the quiet, reflective, beautiful service.

Kathy Wells Power, President
Frankford Preservation Foundation

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Autumn Concert – On the Prairie Music Series

The concert on Sunday, November 3, 2019 at 2:30 p.m. will host 3 performers from Mount Vernon Music, clarinetist Daryl Coad, violinist Mark Miller and violist Ute Miller in a program of trios and duets, including the narrated multi-media story Beagles’ Day Out, with music by award winning composer Benedikt Brydern and illustrations and verse by Rose Roeder.

The afternoon concert will feature classical chamber music of the last 100 years. Styles range from Romantic to obvious jazz influences, and one piece of Klezmer music.
Please join us On the Prairie!

Kathy Wells Power, President
Frankford Preservation Foundation

Youth Ministry


We offer seasonal tours of the native prairie meadows to foster awareness of the significance of the Blackland Prairie. We also offer educational programs for schools.



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Frankford Preservation Foundation

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Church rental

Church Rental

The historic Frankford Church is available for weddings and other events. This rare and beautiful slice of prairie is located in the heart of Dallas.

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The disappearance of a major natural unit of vegetation from the face of the earth is an event worthy of causing pause and consideration by any nation. Yet so gradually has the prairie been conquered by the breaking plow, the tractor, and the overcrowded herds of man…that scant attention has been given to the significance of this endless grassland or the course of its destruction. Civilized man is destroying a masterpiece of nature without recording for posterity that which he has destroyed.

John Ernest Weaver, North American Prairie (1954)

Our Mission

A historic nature preserve in the midst of the city of Dallas, Frankford Preservation Foundation conserves, protects and maintains its five acre site. The site features a rare remnant of the Blackland Prairie once indigenous to the Dallas area and Indian Springs. The Frankford Preservation Foundation conducts charitable, educational, and cultural events including seasonal tours of its native prairie meadows to foster an awareness of the significance of the Blackland Prairie and early North Texas history.